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Latest Trend: Old Dominion Circle Patios

One common theme you will find in most houses is the rectangular design of backyard patios. There are a couple of reasons for this common occurrence. Firstly, with rectangular backyard patios, one can easily account for 90-degree corners during the planning phase of a patio, and secondly, it makes it easy to calculate square footage. [...]

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How To Select The Right Tile For Your Next Project

Do-It-Yourself tiling can be an exciting project but your options and the selections you have to choose from can be overwhelming. There are many flooring options available and when it comes to tile flooring, even more options within that category alone. Harmony Stone is a Tampa tile company that primarily sells natural stone tiles – [...]

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How To Start A New Tile Project

DI-WHY? DIY-ing home improvement projects may seem like a mammoth task, but it is the kind of hobby that will wield you benefits for years to come. Aside from saving you the hassle of having to fix a schedule around supervising people you outsource this work to, completing your own home projects can: Teach you [...]

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Maximize Your Space With Oversized Or Large Format Tile

Have a room in your home that has a small feel to it? An easy way to enhance the size (or the appearance of size) to the space without actually taking down any walls is to add tile to the wall. We don’t mean small backsplash or accent pieces, but large tile pieces or full [...]

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Before You Buy: What You Need To Know About Travertine

Whether you are a person who is interested in buying a new home or you are looking to make an upgrade to your current one, adding quality materials that can give a majestic look can really make a difference. The right tile material can make your home take on a regal look, a contemporary one, [...]

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Great Ways To Use Stone Copings

For many times that you feel stressed, and you wanted to free yourself from negatives vibes around, one of your favorite spots in your garden area. From the calming colors of ornaments plants to unique aesthetic landscape designs, you have to display your creativity to landscape and improve the hardscape. How to make this happen? [...]

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9 Things To Know About Outdoor Pavers

Are you one of those individuals who prefer to accomplish a remarkable, strong, and unique outdoor patio together with stone pavers. You see, natural stone pavers are super simple to install, capable of achieving any design vision and weather-proof. You can acquaint yourself with these simple things about patio pavers before you bring such must-have [...]

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3 Types Of Outdoor Pavers For Your Patio

Providing your residential area with patio is a great way of creating a more attractive outdoor look as well as it provides a functional advantage. Make sure that upon construction your patio, you incorporate an artistic and personal touch. Thus, it would be better if you will consider outdoor pavers to improve the entire look [...]

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Color Designs And Finishes Of Travertine Tile

Color Options Travertine tiles are naturally occurring stones. The main component found naturally in the tiles is iron. It is important to remember that travertine with iron as its main element is available in a wide variety of colors. However, all color options are earthy and neutral in tones. Let’s take a quick look at [...]

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8 Benefits Of Travertine Tiles

Primary purpose of Travertine Stone When we talk about the uses and purposes of travertine stones, there can by multiple of them. However, the primary use of travertine stone is in the construction of buildings and monumental structures. For several decades now, this stone has been used as a major constituent in construction processes. If [...]

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Interesting Facts About Travertine Stone Tiles

What is Travertine? Travertine is a naturally occurring stone. It is deposited naturally by heated hot springs through the geothermal process. You can normally find travertine around deposits of mineral spring. It is mainly formed as a result of calcium carbonate precipitation and is considered by many people to be a type of limestone. Some [...]

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Pet Friendly Tiles

If you аrе building a nеw hоuѕе or rеnоvаting, picking the right flooring iѕ аlwауѕ еѕѕеntiаl. If уоu own a реt, this dесiѕiоn becomes especially important аѕ your реt will ѕсrаtсh, dirtу, аnd/or ѕtаin the floor over timе. That’s why we have put together a pet-friendly flооring guide to provide assistance in finding the реrfесt [...]

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An Introduction To Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring is durable, aesthetic, elegant, and quite versatile in its design capabilities. It is a popular tile flooring choice because of the properties of natural stone – more enduring, it resists attrition, can last against constant use. This is a versatile tile flooring can be used in every place of your home from [...]

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Tools You’ll Need To Tile Your Floors

Laying tile, especially in smaller rooms, is commonly done by our DIY customers. Installing tile can be a simple task so long as you perform your installation research and have the proper tools that you will need to install the tile you have picked out. Wet Tile Saw Although wet tile saws do not have [...]

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Estimating How Many Brick Pavers You Will Need

A lot of people prefer utilizing paver stones to cover an outdoor area with a natural looking yet tough surface. The stones cover pathways, driveways, and porch areas. Furthermore, their little size makes them perfect for making curved edges and narrow borders. Most individuals hire someone to estimate the number of brick pavers that are [...]

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How To Clean Natural Stone Tile

HOW TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN YOUR TRAVERTINE AND MARBLE FLOORS Travertine is a characteristic stone made by the precipitation of calcium carbonate at geothermally hot springs or limestone caverns. Similarly created, Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the re-crystallization of limestone which occurs when limestone is exposed to extremely high temperature and pressure.  In [...]

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Everything You Need To Know About Limestone

Limestone flooring tiles are natural stone tiles that provide many benefits over other types of natural stone tiles like marble or travertine. When properly installed and cared for, limestone tiles can last a lifetime. Florida is very high in limestone deposits because limestone is formed from a single substance - calcium carbonate, which is made [...]

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Four Options To Consider For Your Driveway Paver Base

Constructing a driveway with pavers or installing patio pavers can enhance the look of your home and landscaping. Natural stone pavers are available in a variety of styles and colors to suit any design need. When installing your patio or driveway pavers, it is important to begin with a good base material to keep your [...]

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Can You Use Travertine Tiles In The Bathroom?

Travertine Is An Excellent Choice For Your Bathroom Decorating homes with natural stone is a modern trend in architecture and construction. Travertine is one such natural stone that gives off a look of luxury while creating an atmosphere of comfort and closeness to nature. With a variety of textures and range of colors, travertine tiles [...]

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