Estimating How Many Brick Pavers You Will Need

A lot of people prefer utilizing paver stones to cover an outdoor area with a natural looking yet tough surface. The stones cover pathways, driveways, and porch areas. Furthermore, their little size makes them perfect for making curved edges and narrow borders. Most individuals hire someone to estimate the number of brick pavers that are required. But, the process is quite straightforward and you can do it as well. However, you must know the right size of the area to be covered along with the size of the brick pavers.

Check out the below given points to estimate the brick pavers you will need.

  • Calculate The Total Project Area In Sq Ft:
    This estimation will help to determine the size of the area you wish to have paved.

(length of the area in feet) x (width of the area in feet) = area in sq ft

For instance: 5ft x 5ft = 25 sq ft

On the off chance that the area where you want brick paves, has an irregular shape, then separate it into numerous segments. Calculate the region of every individual segment and add these together.

  • Deciding The Brick Paver Size:
    You may discover paver measurements are commonly listed as an “estimation”. In order to determine the true size of the pavers, it is best to take your own measurements. Then to determine how many you will need, you will need to calculate the square footage of an individual paver. However, many pavers are marked in inches, not feet. *A square foot is equal to 144 square inches.

    (Length of brick paver in inches) x (Width of brick paver in inches) ÷ 144 = square footage per piece.

    For example: (7.7 in x 3.8 in) = 29.26 sq inches

    • q inches ÷ 144 square inches = 0.20 sq ft
  • Estimating How Many Pavers You Need:
    Now, you’ll need to use the above two calculated values in order to decide what number of brick pavers your task requires. Once, you know the estimated number of brick paves you need, you are less likely to need to return to buy more pavers again and again.

    (area of the project in square feet) ÷ (square footage per piece) = estimated number of brick pavers.

For example:  The area you are paving is 25 sq ft and a single paver is 0.20 sq ft.

25sq ft ÷ 0.20 sq ft = 125 pavers

*It is highly recommended to add 10 percent more brick pavers than you have estimated. The overabundance should account for breakage, pavers that you have to cut, and additional pavers to serve as replacements for any other repairs.