Aspendos Wok

Aspendos Wok

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Light-colored mocha embedded with hints of ivory coloring spot this soft polished wok. These woks help create a luxury waterfall along your pool side or front garden. The Aspendos Travertine Wok has a 16” base and measures 24 inches across and 8 inches in height. The Aspendos Travertine Wok comes in a honed finish.



Embellish your poolside décor by simply adding an Aspendos travertine wok, creating not only an elegant appeal to your home but also the enjoyment of a spa-like waterfall for your friends and family. Woks are a versatile accessory for your home and can be stacked and used with other items to create a waterfall where ever you choose – in your front garden or even inside your home!


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