Gold Fireplace Bricks

Gold Fireplace Bricks

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These golden hued travertine fireplace bricks provide not only long lasting and durability but also improve the look of your space, adding a classic warmth. Build or reface your existing fireplace with the elegant coloration Gold fireplace bricks bring to your home.

The Gold Fireplace Bricks are sold in sets of 30 pieces and are cut from travertine natural stone. Each individual fireplace brick measures 8”x12”x6” and comes in a natural finish.



Versatile in that these fireplace bricks can be used both indoors and out – allowing you complete any hardscaping or remodeling task. Expand your patio and build an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or outdoor brick oven. Keep the fireplace bricks indoors and remodel your existing fireplace or have one built to enjoy for years to come.


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