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Solto White Marble Pavers

Solto White Marble Pavers

Solto White Marble Pavers
Want a calming atmosphere that still holds a high level of sophistication and class? The Solto White outdoor pavers can provide just that! Liven up your pool area with this classic look or improve your home’s overall look with Solto White outdoor pavers in your driveway, walkways, or patio area.
Solto White hardscaping pavers are available in the following styles and sizes:

Style Size
Outdoor Pavers 6×12
  French Pattern
Copings 6x12
  Remodeled Edge 4×9

Solto White hardscaping pavers are made from marble and can be used to remodel your pool, back patio, porch, driveway, walkways, outdoor steps, or other outdoor or hardscaping project. Solto White outdoor pavers can be used along any flat surface or stacked upon each other. Bullnose copings are used to provide the rounded edges of your pool. All Solto White Marble pavers are available in a leather finish.

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