“I take a lot of inspiration from the nature of the universe and visualize my work as a direct or indirect reflection of life, inside and around us.”………Jeet Aulakh


“Nature is my manifestation of God. I go to nature everyday for inspiration in the day’s work.”………Frank Lloyd Wright


“Nature is full of infinite causes that have never occurred in experience.”
………Leoanrdo Da Vinci

Harmony Stone Stairs & Step Tiles Tampa FL

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Are you open to the public?2018-09-25T14:21:23-04:00

Yes, our hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5pm. We are located at 3900 S. 50th Street, Tampa, FL 33619.

What kind of materials do you sell?2018-06-20T13:56:12-04:00

We sell natural stone products such as travertine tiles and pavers, marble tiles, mosaics, and pool copings.

Where do your products come from? Do you own your own quarry or are the pieces imported?2018-06-20T13:56:20-04:00

We own and operate our own quarry, so our clients have access to factory direct pricing. Without the “middle man”, we pass those savings on to you.

Do you offer wholesale or contractor pricing?2018-06-20T13:56:29-04:00

Yes! If you are a contractor, home builder, remodeler, pool builder, tile installer, or other industry professional looking to purchase tile and paver pieces in large quantities, contact us for our wholesale pricing.

What are the benefits of choosing tile as opposed to other materials such as vinyl, laminate, or hardwood?2018-06-20T13:56:38-04:00

Tile products, especially those made of natural stone, have many benefits over other materials including
o Durability
o Easy Maintenance
o Affordability
o Unique Designs
o Greener Manufacturing

Do you sell trim and accessory pieces? What about installation products?2018-06-20T13:56:45-04:00

Our expertise lies with tiles and pavers – we do not sell trim, accessory pieces, grout, sealer, or other installation products. By only selling the products we make in our quarry we are able to provide exceptional pricing to the public.

Do you offer installation services?2018-06-20T13:56:53-04:00

We do not provide any installation services; however, we can refer you to a list of independent contractors, builders, and local trade professionals who can assist you with your tile or paver installation.

Important Note: Harmony Stone does not guarantee these installations, or the accuracy of any information provided by the installers and accepts no responsibility for the quality or timeliness of the installation or any inaccuracies or omissions in the information provided. In no event may Harmony Stone be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages for any installation or information concerning installation.

Should I order extra materials?2018-06-20T13:57:01-04:00

We recommend ordering 10-15% over your estimated needs in the event of tile breakage, mis-cuts, or future repairs.

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